Francisco Guerrero

Francisco Guerrero (1528–1599), born in Seville, Spain, was a student of Cristóbal de Morales and is considered one of the greatest Spanish composers of the second half of the 16th century. He worked most of his life as associate chapel master and later as chapel master at the Seville Cathedral. Through his travels to Rome, Venice, Marseille, Jerusalem and Bethlehem, he assimilated the musical styles of many other countries. Guerrero was very prolific, publishing motets, masses, liturgical works, and secular songs. He succumbed to the plague which struck Seville in 1599.

Vocal Works Performed by the San Francisco Bach Choir

Duo Seraphim clamabant
Hombres, victoria, victoria!
Niño Dios d’amor herido
Virgen Sancta