Text: Domine Deus

Jacob Handl (1550–1591)

Original Text English Translation
Domine Deus,
exaudi orationem servorum tuorum
et preces eorum omnium
qui invocant nomen tuum;
inclina aures tuae pietatis
et exaudi preces nostras;
aperi oculos tuae maiestatis;
respice propitius famulos tuos,
intuere infantes et pueros tuos,
iuvenes et virgines custodias;
caelibes et coniugatos tu protege,
senes cum debilioribus defendas.
Exaudi clamantes ad te.
Exaudi Domine,
placare Domine,
attende Domine,
ignosce Domine.
Miserere nostri Deus
secundum magnam misericordiam tuam.
Lord God,
hear the prayer of your servants
and the prayers of all those
who call upon your name;
incline your faithful ears
and hear our prayers;
open the eyes of your majesty;
look favorably on your servants,
regard your infants and children,
young men and virgins in your safe keeping;
protect the single and the married,
defend the old and the weak.
Hear those crying to you.
Hear o Lord,
be pleased, o Lord,
pay heed, o Lord,
forgive, o Lord.
Have mercy on us, God,
according to your great mercy.


Translation: Robert Coote

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