Text: Exsultate justi in Domino (Gallus)

Jacob Handl (1550–1591)

Original Text English Translation
Exsultate justi in Domino:
rectos decet collaudatio.
Confitemini Domino in cithara.
In psalterio decem chordarum psallite illi.
Cantate ei canticum novum.
Bene psallite ei in vociferacione
quia rectum est verbum Domini
et omnia opera ejus in fide.
Rejoice in the Lord, you righteous ones:
it is fitting for the upright ones to give praise.
Acknowledge the Lord with the harp.
Sing to him with a psaltery of ten strings.
Sing to him a new song.
Sing praises to him well with a loud voice,
for the word of the Lord is right,
and all his works are done in faithfulness.
Psalm 32:11; 33:1–4


Translation: Robert Coote

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