About the SF Bach Choir

The San Francisco Bach Choir has been an important part of the Bay Area’s cultural life for the past seven decades. The oldest continuing community choir in the western United States, SFBC played a major role in establishing choral music as a serious art form in Northern California while introducing thousands to the great works of J.S. Bach. The choir has performed most of the major works of choral literature, including J.S. Bach masterpieces such as the Mass in B Minor, the St. John Passion, the St. Matthew Passion, and numerous motets and cantatas. The choir now focuses not only on the music of Bach, but on polychoral music from the rich German choral tradition spanning the late 16th to 18th centuries and has performed many works in this early antiphonal style. Under the leadership of new director Magen Solomon, the choir continues this tradition and launches a new era of musical discovery.

The San Francisco Bach Choir’s membership of approximately seventy singers allows us to perform works that vary choir composition both in size and in numbers of parts. Our repertoire often employs multiple choirs, arranged in antiphonal formation throughout the performance space and has included works for up to as many as 40 different parts. The chamber choir Concentus, is drawn from the full choir and performs works requiring a smaller ensemble of singers.

The San Francisco Bach Choir performs with many renowned vocal soloists and its own period orchestra and chamber consort.



Yoshika Asada
Hadar Aviram
Tricia Bell
Didi Boring
Julie Campero
Maura Church
Joan Curry
Geneviève Duboscq
Christine Dukey
Abigail Farrell
Jane Gitschier
Carol  Henri
Hallie Holtzman
Pamela Magers
Rebecca Marculescu
Kelsey  Menehan
Sally Nielsen
Cecilia Ojcius
Pam Peirce
Zohar Perla
Naomi  Peterkin
Lisa Sargent
Alyssa Sargent
Mary Vogt
Serena Weitershausen
Nancy Weston
Susannah White


Alexandra Amati-Camperi
Christine Bartels
Lindsey Beaven
Sue Bethke
Sylvia Braselmann
Mahala Bundy
Rhys Cheung
Kathy Clement*
Carol Douglass
Rita Freimanis
Judy Goldstein
Beate Klein
Frances Lee
Yi Liu-Polczynski
Barbara Livermore
Tessa Lueth
Tippi MacKenzie
Jennifer McElroy
Acacia  Newlon
Joan O’Connor
Laurie Olsen
Elizabeth Onodera
Barbara Paschke
Ruby Pleasure
Debra Schoenberg
Kristie Smith
Judy Stone
Vicki Sung
Karlyn Ward


Walter Aab
John Allmen
Jeffrey Chiu
Robert B. Coote
Mark H. Davis*
Stacy Flaherty
Ellen B. Freed
Olek Glowka
James Hurd
Mark Kerback
Éamonn McManus
Michael Ogrinc
Michael Petersen
David Raub
John Renken
Jake Scheps
Andrew Selbie
Glenn Stover


William Bethke
Bruce  Bruschi
Daniel Cockayne
Jim Gasperini
Paul  Gerken
Johannes Guelich
Jan Gullett
Sam Halpert
Reginald Hsu
Michael Jordin*
Matthew Krane
Louis Lao
Andrew Lewis
Vance Maverick
Jack Miller
Grant Patterson
Kyle Peacock
Doug Pleasure
William Scott
Dave Sheehan
Scott Stauffer
Joe Taff
James Thomassen
Jon Wessel

Membership as of April 2016 (* = Section leader)

Guest Artists

The San Francisco Bach Choir includes many renowned vocalists and other artists in its performances. The concert pages list which artists will be present for a given concert.


The Bach Choir’s repertoire includes the great choral masterworks—especially those of J.S. Bach—along with lesser-known multi-choir works from the 16th and 17th centuries that became a vital part of the Bach Choir’s special niche during the tenure of late director David Babbitt. The choir’s repertoire has also included the works of later composers ranging from Johannes Brahms to Samuel Barber and Benjamin Britten.