About the SF Bach Choir

The San Francisco Bach Choir is an auditioned volunteer choir providing the Bay Area with exceptional concerts, singing music of all periods but focused particularly on the music of J.S. Bach, his contemporaries, and predecessors. Founded in 1936, it is one of the oldest continuously performing community choirs in the western United States. The Choir uses a historically informed approach, period instruments, and professional instrumentalists and soloists.

Guest Artists

The San Francisco Bach Choir includes many renowned vocalists and other artists in its performances. The concert pages list which artists will be present for a given concert.


The Bach Choir’s repertoire includes the great choral masterworks—especially those of J.S. Bach—along with lesser-known multi-choir works from the 16th and 17th centuries that became a vital part of the Bach Choir’s special niche during the tenure of late director David Babbitt. The choir’s repertoire has also included the works of later composers ranging from Johannes Brahms to Samuel Barber and Benjamin Britten.



Yoshika Asada
Tricia Bell
Didi Boring
Maura Church
Geneviève Duboscq
Christine Dukey
Jane English
Abigail Farrell
Jane Gitschier
Axelle Heems
Carol Henri
Pamela Magers
Kelsey Menehan
Sally Nielsen
Pam Peirce
Ruby Pleasure
Deborah Underwood
Mary Vogt
Kerstin Weidmann
Serena Weitershausen


Polly Adema
Alexandra Amati
Lindsey Beaven
Sylvia Braselmann
Carol Douglass
Rita Freimanis
Beatrice Girard
Judy Goldstein
Beate Klein
Frances Lee
Casey Leones
Yi Liu-Polczynski
Barbara Livermore
Tippi MacKenzie
Maria Meyer
Laurie Olsen
Margaret Onodera
Barbara Paschke
Kathy Perl
Erika Peterkin
Judy Stone
Karlyn Ward
Martha Westland


John Allmen
Jeff Bowles
Alex Cooper
Robert Coote
Mark Davis
Stacy Flaherty
Bai Gan
Sierra Gegenheimer
Johannes Grosse
Tyler Hoyt
Michael Kim
Laura Leibowitz
Éamonn McManus
Michael Ogrinc
Ken Pasternak
Conway Tan


Trevor Burt
Curtis Ford
Paul Gerken
Ken Grant
Reginald Hsu
Michael Jordin
Michael Kaulkin
Louis Lao
Vance Maverick
Jack Miller
Douglas Pleasure
William Scott
Dave Sheehan
Tim Smith
Neal Snyder
Scott Stauffer
Glenn Stover
James Thomassen