Position available: Tenor & Bass section leader/Assistant to the Artistic Director

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The SF Bach Choir seeks an experienced, trained Tenor or Bass singer to assist the Artistic Director in sectional rehearsals, logistics and rehearsal organization.


  • Significant choral experience (preferably some experience with large choirs)
  • Significant vocal training and the ability to demonstrate healthy, free singing, and to improve the vocal, musical, and technical ability of amateur adult singers (especially Tenors and Basses.)
  • Experience with and facility in running fast-paced, effective, and positive sectional rehearsals.
  • Experience with, and ability to work constructively and effectively with, amateur adult singers
  • Ability to assist in teaching the pronunciation of foreign languages (IPA and other materials will be made available)
  • A sense of humor and ability to work effectively as part of a team.

Additional Requirements

  • Be fully familiar with all details of the Tenor and Bass parts.  Lead sectionals during rehearsals, as required, and be available to help run occasional “off-site” sectionals if needed.  (An accompanist will be available, in most cases.)
  • Attend and sing well (as a role model, in all aspects) in all choir rehearsals and performances.  (If conflicts with other professional obligations arise, they must be resolved immediately with the AD.)
  • Be vigilant in listening for and noting vocal, musical or personnel issues particularly in the Tenor and Bass sections and in the other parts if possible.
  • Be able to make corrections in a way that is both effective and professional.
  • Maintain, at all times, a score fully marked with all details of interpretation (dynamics, articulation, color, mood, cut-offs, divisi, pronunciation, etc.) and be availble for answering questions on those details
  • Be available to answer questions pertaining to details of interpretation.
  • Be sufficiently familiar with all voice parts of repertoire under rehearsal to offer specific corrections
  • Plan, communicate, and oversee choir logistics pertaining to concerts
  • Work with the Artistic Director to develop and improve the technical and musical capacities of the choir as a whole and the Tenor and Bass sections in particular
  • Be available to proof-read translations, programs, instrumental or choral scores, etc
  • Coordinate with the text and translation or program editor to distribute all  texts and translations the choir in a timely manner 
  • Work with AD to finalize/record standing arrangements for concerts
  • Be responsible for working out logistical details (on/off stage, lining up, etc) and communicating them to the choir
  • Assist AD in planning logistics for candlelight Christmas program and assisting with “props”
  • Assist in orchestral setups and part distribution and collection
  • Assist in the preparation of instrumental parts and choral scores (occasional)
  • Assist in locating works (occasional)
  • In an emergency, be able to rehearse the entire ensemble
  • Desired, but not required: facility with music editing programs

Other information

  1. Position title: Assistant to the Artistic Director
  2. Time commitment: weekly Tues. 7-10pm, some Saturday rehearsals; dress rehearsals and concerts. Season runs late August – early May   
  3. Some minor conducting opportunities may be offered to the candidate with requisite skills.
  4. Remuneration will be commensurate with skills and experience ($1,500-$3,000/season)
  5. Start date: mid-late August, 2019

To apply

Send a cover letter and resume to positions@sfbach.org
Deadline: Open until filled

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