Songs of San Francisco — May 2013

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Program Details

From Gold Rush to Golden Gate

Gina Morgano, soprano
Brian Thorsett, tenor
Corey Jamason, piano and conductor

Before the Gold Rush

Carmela Spanish-American folksong
Arr: Gertrude Ross
Yo no sè si me quieres Spanish-American folksong
Arr: Gertrude Ross

Mining Days

The California Gold Diggers
(Tune: The Irish Jaunting Car)
Words: Jesse Hutchinson
Music: Nathan Barker
You Who Don't Believe It
(Tune: Blue Tail Fly)
Oh, California
(Tune: Oh! Susanna)
Humbug Steamship Company
(Tune: Uncle Sam's Farm)
Crossing the Plains
(Tune: Caroline of Edinboro')
Sacramento Gals
(Tune: Bobbing Around)
California Stage Company
(Tune: Dandy Jim of Caroline)
I Often Think of Writing Home
(Tune: Irish Molly, O)
Life in California
(Tune: Used Up Man)
Away Up on the Yuba
(Tune: Old Folks at Home)
I'm Sad and Lonely Here
(Tune: Oft in the Stilly Night)
Words & music: John Stone “Old Put”
Additional words: J. Nichols & D.G. Robinson
Vocal arr: Eric Davis

Source: Put’s Original California Songster (1855) and Put’s Golden Songster (1858)


I Don't Want to Be Drowned (1862) Words: Frank Soulé
Music: P.R. Nicholls
Clear the Way (1856) Words: Charles Mackay
Music: Stephen Masset
What They Do at the Springs (1878) Words: John G. Saxe
Music: Frederick G. Carnes
A ‘Frisco Girl (1896) Words & music: James Marshall & Walter Wolff
Vocal arr: Eric Davis

Earthquake and Fire, 1906

The Stricken City (1906) Words: Ella Wheeler Wilcox
Music: F. Fanciulli
Call Me Back to Thee! (1906) Words & music: Estelle Baker
The Fall of San Francisco (1906) Words: Margaret Gorman
Music: H.W. Foster
Vocal arr: Eric Davis

Luisa Tetrazinni sings to the people of San Francisco at Lotta's Fountain, 1910

‘Tis the Last Rose of Summer Words: Thomas Moore
Arr: John Stevenson
Auld Lang Syne Words: Robert Burns
Arr: A. Dobigny


The City Rises, 1906–1914

San Francisco (1912) Words & music: Edward Bergenholtz
Vocal arr: Eric Davis
On San Francisco Bay (1906) Words: Vincent Bryan
Music: Gertrude Hoffmann
Vocal arr: Eric Davis
The Only Pal I Ever Had Came
From Frisco Town (1911)
Words: Earl Jones
Music: Charles Daniels
Frisco Rag (1910) Words: Bert Fitzgibbon & Billy Clark
Music: Harry Armstrong
San Francisco, The Paris of the U.S.A. (1912) Words & music: Hirshel Hendler
Vocal arr: Eric Davis
I’m Going to San Francisco (1914) Words: H.R. Lytle
Music: Gertrude Marvin
The Ragtime Engineer (1912) Words: Sam Lewis
Music: Clay Smith
California and You (1914) Words: Edgar Leslie
Music: Harry Puck

Panama-Pacific International Exposition, 1915

Panama Hymn (1915) Words: Wendell Phillips Stafford
Music: Amy Beach
Hello ‘Frisco! (1915) Words: Gene Buck
Music: Louis A. Hirsch
Nineteen-Fifteen Frisco (1915) Words: C.P. MacDonald
Music: Charles Miller
Vocal arr: Eric Davis

The Jazz Age and Beyond

California Here I Come (1921) Words & music: Al Jolson,
Bud de Sylva & Joseph Meyer
Vocal arr: Eric Davis
San Francisco (Open Your Golden Gate) (1936) Words: Gus Kahn
Music: Bronislaw Kaper & Walter Jurman
Vocal arr: Eric Davis
Don’t Fence Me In (1934) Words & music: Cole Porter
(adapted from poem by Bob Fletcher)
Vocal arr: Eric Davis

Saturday, May 18, 2013 / Sunday, May 19, 2013
Calvary Presbyterian Church, San Francisco