Thomas Tallis—The Many Voices of an English Genius — May 2004

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Program Details

The Many Voices of an English Genius
Thomas Tallis (c. 1505–1585)

David P. Babbitt, Artistic Director

Spem in alium

Verily, Verily I Say Unto You (instrumental)

Two Latin Motets

In manus tuas
In ieiunio et fletu

Two Latin Motets

O sacrum convivium
Laudate Dominum

Two English Anthems

O Lord, give thy Holy Spirit
If Ye Love Me


Two Psalm Melodies

The Third Melody
The Eighth Melody (not in original form, but as in hymn books today)

Credo from Mass for Four Voices

Missa super Puer Natus

Sanctus (Sanctus, Pleni sunt coeli, Benedictus)
Angus dei (Agnus dei I, Agnus dei II)

Hear the Voice (instrumental)

Spem in alium


San Francisco Bach Choir Period Consort
Kate van Orden, dulcian
Richard Cheetham, McDowell Kenley, Doug Thorley, trombone
Elisabeth Reed, violoncello
John Dornenburg, violone
Steven Bailey, organ

Saturday, May 8, 2004 / Sunday, May 9, 2004
Trinity Episcopal Church, San Francisco