Eternal Light Doth Now Appear, Traditional


Eternal light doth now appear
unto the world both far and near;
It shineth clear even at midnight,
Making us children of the light.

The Lord Christ Jesus God’s Son dear,
was once a guest and stranger here,
us for to bring from misery,
that we might live eternally.

Into this world right poor came he,
to make us rich in his mercy,
Therefore would he our sins forgive,
that we with him in heav’n might live.

All this did he for us freely,
for to declare his great mercy,
All Christendom be merry therefore,
and give him thanks for evermore.

Note: These translations are Copyright © 1995–2022 San Francisco Bach Choir. Please do not distribute or use these translations without the express written permission of the San Francisco Bach Choir.