Maria Magdalene, Maria Jacobi

Gabrieli, Andrea (1510–1586)
Original Text English Translation
Maria Magdalene, Maria Jacobi,
et Salome emerunt aromata,
ut venientes ungerent Jesum.
Et dicebant ad invicem:
Quis revolvet nobis lapidem
ab ostio monumenti?
Dixit illis angelus:
Nolite expavescere.
Jesum queritis Nazarenum crucifixum.
Surrexit; non est hic.
Mary Magdalene, Mary (the mother) of James,
and Salome bought aromatic spices,
that they might come and anoint Jesus.
And they said to one another,
“Who will roll for us the stone
from the entrance to the tomb?”
The angel said to them,
“Do not be terrified.
You seek Jesus, (who was) crucified.
He is risen; he is not here.”
Mark 16: 1,3,6 (modified) with hallelujah


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