Haku Pastor P'rilylla Puriy Pastorllay

Original Text English Translation
Haku pastor puriylla puriy pastorllay
Belenpa puertallanpi pastorllay.
Hina belenpa puertanpi pastorllay
niño Jesusllay suyawanchik pastorllay.
Pitaq niñucha hayachimusunki
challay qepachampi waqanallaykipaq.
Ima sumac mi niño Jesús
intita killata pinqarichin.
Chayta alabado sea sea
santísimo sacramento.
alabado sea sea
santísimo sacramento,
Ya desde entonces dirán:
sin tí corazón yo regina.
Chayta nispan chayamuñi
santo templo wasiykita.
Kimsa kutim adorayki
llapay urkuy kumuy kuspay.
Come, little shepherds, let’s walk together
to the stable in Bethlehem
where our little Shepherd lies.
Yes, he lies in a stable in Bethlehem;
our infant Jesus is waiting for us there.
Little child, who is making you cry?
How lovely the baby Jesus is!
His beauty puts the sun and moon to shame!
Praised be this most
blessed Sacrament;
Praised, and praised again be this most
blessed Sacrament.
Ever henceforward shall they say
without you, o heart... (text defective)
Saying this, I have come
to your house, your holy temple. (ij)
Thrice over do I adore you,
coming across all the mountains. (iij)


Translation: Juan Pedro Gaffney R.

Note: Please contact Juan Pedro Gaffney at juanpedrogaffney@corohispano.org for permission to use this translation.

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