Text: Ecce quomodo

Jacob Handl (1550–1591)

Original Text English Translation
Ecce quomodo moritur justus
et nemo percipit corde.
Viri justi tolluntur
et nemo considerat.
A facie iniquitatis
sublatus est justus
et erit in pace memoria eius:
in pace factus est locus ejus
et in Sion habitatio eius
et erit in pace memoria eius.
Behold how the righteous dies
and no one takes notice.
The righteous are taken away
and no one pays attention.
From facing iniquity
the righteous is removed,
and his memory will be in peace:
his (resting) place is in peace
and his dwelling place in Zion,
and his memory will be in peace.


Translation: Robert Coote

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