Text: Psallite

Michael Praetorius (c. 1571–1621)

Original Text English Translation
Psallite unigenito
Christo, Dei Filio,
Psallite Redemptori,
Domino, puerulo
jacenti in praesepio.
Ein kleines Kindelein
liegt in dem Krippelein.
Alle lieben Engelein
dienen dem Kindelein
und singen ihm fein.
Psallite unigenito...
Sing your psalms to the holy Child,
Jesus Christ, the Son of God,
sing your psalms to the blessed Redeemer,
Lord, the holy Child
now lying in a manger bed.
A small Child
lies in the manger.
All loving angels
fall before Him
and sing anthems to Him.
Sing your psalms to the holy Child...


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