Create: SFBC From All Sides

Growing up, music was always a part of Frances Lee’s life. In addition to singing, she played piano and flute, and went on to study instrumental music education in college. But life intervened, and she stepped away from music for 10 years. A friend sang in the Choir, so Frances knew the caliber of the group. The urge to have … Read More

Contribute: Reflections on an Amazing Volunteer Culture

Bass and Board Member Louis Lao on what truly makes SFBC run I started singing with SFBC in the early 1990’s, and while I have taken some breaks from the choir, I have always returned. I enjoy not only the focus on the music itself, but the love of music that is shared among our community of singers. I have … Read More

Connect: Two Sisters Share Across the Miles

Longtime SFBC Alto Barbara Livermore and her sister Audrey have been enjoying the SF Bach Choir together for over four decades, despite living over 750 miles apart. “I’ve always admired everything my big sister Barbara did, and I’ve followed her dedication to SFBC from afar,” says Audrey, who lives in Seattle but has traveled to the Bay Area to attend … Read More

Melanie DeMore: Someone Worth Knowing

by Dean Ebesu, SFBC Board Member The first thing you experience meeting Melanie DeMore is the warmth, joy, and optimism that she gives easily and freely. Her energy invigorates. Her style of speaking with you a blast of fresh air. And that was over video … I can only imagine that an in-person meeting would be all that and more. … Read More

The History of SFBC’s Christmas Concerts

The Bach Choir’s tradition of singing the Christmas concert in the dark with candles, surrounding our audience and inviting them to join with us in song, has been part of the San Francisco Christmas celebrations for 30 years. SFBC Board of Directors member and singer Judy Stone interviewed fellow choristers to illuminate the 85-year history of SFBC Christmas concerts. The … Read More

SFBC Carpoolers: Creating Community on the Move

For the past four decades, SFBC singers Judy Stone and Laurie Olsen have driven to SFBC rehearsals in a carpool.  For Yi Liu-Polczynski, Louis Lao and Jane English, their carpool is only a few years old. Both carpools started by happenstance at choir rehearsal.  What started as a way to get into the car-pool lane on the Bay Bridge has … Read More