The Soul Rejoices, The Spirit Sings

October 20, 2019. 4:00pm
Calvary Presbyterian Church
2515 Fillmore Street
San Francisco

Music of joy and thanksgiving from a variety of sacred traditions. From the sweeping architecture of a Bach motet to the powerful expression of early American shape note hymns and spirituals, this concert will lift your spirits and feed your soul.

Bach : Jesu, meine Freude
Purcell: O sing unto the Lord. Z44
Durante: Magnificat
Salamone Rossi: Keter Yitenu Lach
Abraham Casseres: Hishki, Hiski
Hogan: Good news, the chariot’s coming
Billings: Universal Praise


Rita Lilly, soprano
Justin Montigne, countertenor
Daniel Hutchings, tenor
Nikolas Nackley, baritone
and the Jubilate Orchestra