Tickets sales do not cover the cost of our concerts. In fact, admission income is only 30–40% of what it costs to bring music to performance. As a not-for-profit arts organization, we depend on the generous contributions of members and supporters to our Annual Fund each season. Your donation to your Annual Fund is a direct donation to our concert fund as fully 75% of our budget goes to concert programming.

To present a Bach Choir concert, we need instrumentalists and soloists who are specially trained in early music performance styles, a director, a performance hall, an excellent rehearsal accompanist, publicity, front of house personnel, insurance, and at least a skeleton staff to manage the huge amount of volunteer work done by choir members.

In 1999 the Bach Choir began developing a core group of its own instrumentalists, the SFBC Baroque Orchestra, who could best reflect the musical mission the choir. This team of fine early-music players represents the best of the profession and is under the orchestral management of internationally acclaimed natural horn specialist John Thiessen. The Bach Choir itself is primarily a volunteer choir drawn from a large community of trained but non-professional musicians who live and work here, it depends upon the professional musical support of soloists and instrumentalists who themselves must earn a living if they are to devote their time and considerable talent to their skills.

The San Francisco Bach Choir is proud to be a recipient of a grant from the San Francisco Grants for the Arts / Hotel Tax Fund. These funds provide an additional 8–10% of our operating budget.